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                  ENRLANG TEC
                  Latest Products
                  • PLASTIC FLOAT SWITCH
                  • SUS FLOAT SWITCH
                  • PROXIMITY SWITCH
                  • FLOAT METER
                  • ELECTRODE LEVEL SWITCH
                  • TDS METER
                  • FLOAT BALL
                  • FLOW SWITCH
                  • OTHER


                  Market Innovation Products, Product Cohesion Strength to
                  Strength to Drive sales to Build the Future Sales

                  Iridium Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1998, in 2005 in mainland China to set up production bases in Dongguan City - Iridium Lun Industrial Co., Ltd.
                  Is set research and development, production, sales, trade in one of the high-tech enterprises,
                  Long-term focus on the reed switch, water level switch, oil level switch, flow sensors,
                  Float and other sensors R & D and production. At present, with offices in Cixi, Shunde Office,
                  Aims to form a more complete service system.


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